Mastering Living Room Design Boards With Photoshop Course

Mastering Design Boards With Photoshop

Teaching you how to make engaging realistic looking Design Boards

Mastering Living Room Design Boards.
A Photoshop Course for Interior Designers looking to take their designs to the next level.

How it works:

Prepping For Success

In the beginning of the program I get you prepped for the type of learning that would best suit you. Whether your a speedy self guided learner, or a gradual learner you have options of how you want the program to be presented to you. I also give you suggestions for goals to set during the program, clearing out time in your schedule and other suggestions to maximize the potential for you to get through this program successfully.

Mapping Out Your Board

We make sure you have everything you need to start making boards. Photoshop is installed properly, the living Room Design kit and program files are downloaded, prepping your own files (optional) for use in the classes.

Learning Begins

Here you start by deciding whether you want to follow along with a current project that your working on or instead want to focus on the design board workflow before diving into a real life example.

Product Image Preparation & Workflow

We then start by breaking down product files and learn techniques for removing backgrounds.

The Power of the Living Room Design Kit (template)

This is immediately followed by an introduction to the power of the Living Room Design Kit (template).

The Design Board (Practical Example)

After your familiar with the Kit, the practical example begins where you and I take your board from start to finish. During this time I not only design a single board from start to finish but I also cover a few hypothetical situations that may come upon different types of projects.

Bonus content

Create realistic lighting, shadows, & reflections

Tips on how to place throw rugs
Brian Lee
Brian Lee
Lead Design Instructor

About the instructor

What's included?

29 Videos
10 Quizzes
3 Texts
10 Disqus
8.0 hrs

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