Mood Board Kit for Interior Designers

The Mood Board Kit

Downloadable Photoshop templates & startup video lessons

Todays Interior Design Business is all about presenting your vision beautifully, uniquely and more often than your competition in order to capture the attention of new clientele.

So why doesn’t everyone do it? Because there's not enough time in the day, right? But what if there was?

Welcome to The Mood Board Kit!

This Kit houses several templates that Jess and I use all the time in our design business. Anytime we have a new design to share with the world we simply open up one of our favorite templates populate it with our design and bam! Done in minutes.

Obviously, you will first need to know how to bring your own pictures into photoshop and populate the template, which is why we've created a 10 minute course to get you started with doing this using Photoshop.

Enroll now and start making and sharing great mood boards fast while also learning Photoshop along the way.

Whats Inside?

2 multi purpose templates that can be set up as profile or landscape and customized to each one of your designs.

11 bonus templates to be used across a range of social media platforms.

2 Photoshop lessons that cover how to add your own Photography and text to the templates.

What you need to use the kit?

1. A regular license of Photoshop (cs6 and above). Here's Adobes most basic Photoshop plan, it's what we use:

Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography Plan

2. A computer (Windows or Mac) powerful enough to run Photoshop.

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Brian Lee
Brian Lee
Lead Design Instructor

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What's included?

2 Videos

Course Curriculum

The Mood Board Kit
11 Bonus Mood Board Templates

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